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Finding right options for investments is plainly effortless with growing market of Real Estate in South Delhi. Whether you want to buy, sell or rent, all kinds of deals are easy to find with growing bazaar of property in South Delhi. South Delhi Real Estate has become one of the choicest options for investors. Plentiful options to invest in Residential Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate are accessible at South Delhi. Developed infrastructure and transportation facilities are boosting the rates of Properties in South Delhi. Moreover, basic amenities like water and electricity supply have improved a lot in the city influencing the market of South Delhi Properties. Apart from this, South Delhi has several reputed educational institutes, healthcare centres, etc. making it an ideal place to own a property. Buying and Rental of Residential Property and Commercial Property have emerged as a favoured investment option in the city of South Delhi.

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Why UHNI and HNI Preferred South Delhi?

The meaning of rich is subjective. To make it objective, financial services sector classifies the rich as affluent, high net worth individual (HNI) and ultra HNI (UHNI). The usual practice is to classify based on the investor’s net worth. But the definition of a UHNI’s net worth differs from firm to firm. For instance, real estate consultant Knight Frank defines a UHNI as someone with an investible surplus (excluding real estate) of $30 million-plus (about Rs180 crore). Capgemini and Royal Bank of Canada define UHNIs as those with investible assets of $30 million or more, excluding primary residence, collectibles, consumables and consumer durables.

Service what we do

  1. Financial & Liquidity Check : Check your budget/ Financial Viability/Loan Eligibility
  2. Finding the right property : Location, Builder & credentials of builder.
  3. Type & Construction Stage of property : Basis on this select the projects of selected builder.
  4. Site Visit
  5. Legal Check : Verification and authenticity of property documents and to check whether the property can be mortgaged.
  6. Offer of Purchase : In case of a fresh construction purchase we will give you the offer of price, In case of resale will put your offer forward to the seller both verbally and in writing stating any special conditions of the offer.
  7. Acceptance of offer : In case of fresh const purchase booking amount will be deposited with the builder and balane payment to be made as per the payment plan opted by you (Dp, Flexi, CLP & Partial DP). In case of resal token money will be taken and Agreement To Sell (ATS) will be executed by both the parties in 4 -5 days. Post ATS balance to be paid as per the terms of ATS.
  8. Application for Mortgage : In case loan is required in this then your file will be immediately referred to our mortgage team.
  9. Completion of transaction : In case of resale full payment is made at the time of registry/transfer with builder and keys are with you NOW.

Execution steps after shortlisting your property

  1. 1. Gather the financial documents you’ll need to get a mortgage
  2. 2. Find out your credit score.
  3. 3. Fix any errors on your credit report.
  4. 4. Find a broker or lender, who will look at your pile of paper and estimate how much you can afford to borrow.
  5. 5. Get pre-approved for a mortgage so that when you make an offer for a house, it’s taken seriously.
  1. 1. Proactively calling potential
  2. 2. Listen to the Clients
  3. 3. Client motivated
  4. 4. Adapt to their clients needs
  5. 5. Know clients time frame
  6. 6. Know customers selling motivation
  7. 7. Aren’t afraid to give you their last 20 clients as references

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