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Conceived by Mr C.L. Goyal and Mr. Rajinder Goyal in 1988, Metro Buildtech Pvt. Limited. was incorporated in the month of October, 2004, with their sights set squarely on the luxury segment. With a well earned reputatio for dependability, innovation and vision, Metro Buildtech completes 28 years of a glorious heritage.

A little over the last quarter of a century, Metro Buildtech has become a brand synonymous with luxury, taste, sophistication, finesse and high living. An icon in the luxury real estate segment, some of the city’s finest residential properties proudly bear the Metro Buildtech mark.

Metro Buildtech has a spotless record when it comes to finishing their projects on time, and has brought to finish, several high-end apartment and farmhouse projects in and around Delhi NCR. High-end, flawlessly designed homes developed by Metro Buildtech can be spotted in affluent neighourhoods all around the city.


To transform the way people perceive luxury in India’s burgeoning real estate sector. To bring seven-star living into the home so that style & sophistication become “a way of life”.


Metro Builtech primarily focuses on developing high-end apartments and farmhouses. Over the past two decades, they have added several signature properties to their portfolio, which stand out not only for their design, but also for their technical superiority.

The success of Metro Buildtech projects are a result of the expertise involved during every stages of the project – pre-design, design, construction, implementation, operations and management, etc.

Assembling an appropriate group of external consultants is a challenging task that involves proper research of the field in question as well as valued recommendations from reliable sources. The crucial expertise of the project tea comes from the careful selection of experts such as the architects, lighting engineers as well contractors and project managers.

In-house decision-makers such as facility managers and business officers also play a critical role in initiating and managing processes.

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