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Saluja Construction Co. Ltd , has indeed come a long way, and is today the premier residential developer in NCR. Our projects combine the values of aesthetics and functionality to create homes that represent a lifestyle. Saluja Construction Co. Ltd. envisions a strong global presence and a niche in the domain of construction as well as maintaining our position as Delhi's leading residential developer. With our new venture SALCON, we will strive to achieve the same success in all our commercial projects. We commit ourselves to teamwork with self-motivation and empowerment of employees with adequate training, while continually improving product quality, architecture, the development process and services.

Salcon has garnered an unmatched repute for delivering the finest, most exclusive homes with locations spread across premium neighbourhoods in Delhi and NCR. Our residences are characterized by unrivalled detail, finesse, cutting-edge technology and a bespoke style. It is our endeavour to make every residence unique, yet embody the signature Salcon mark of timeless luxury.

At Salcon, luxury is not ephemeral, nor a fad, but a Tradition. As a masterful exponent, the brand has delivered exquisite, engaging spaces for decades, embodying the essence of their residents. This deeply instilled tradition reflects in every aspect, be it taste, quality or service.

Salcon has been associated with world-class commercial spaces, at pace with global trends and infrastructure. Whether offices, shopping malls or others, our state-of-the-art design always combines technology with human needs, to create spaces that are flexible, exciting and ideal for business and leisure. Post-modern architecture accompanied by beautiful landscaping, spacious atriums and superlative ambience - all these aspects define the signature Salcon experience.

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